Why is PAW Safaris the leader in African holidaying and adventures?


We've done this for a long time: we're supported by a professional team, deep knowledge of our destinations, and by our equipment and vehicles.  Our reliability is your holiday adventure


While we offer several bundled packages, our strength is in how we can accommodate every scenario.  Looking to do a driving excursion to Rwanda, but you want to bring young kids? No problem - we're always able to facilitate


Whilst exploring Africa is unforgettable, we're all about having fun, and collecting treasured memories and experiences that will stay with you forever.  For die-hard trekkers through to families with kids, we know how to inject a sense of wonder.


We're experts in bushlore.  Predators, prey, birdlife, flora, fauna and the biomes of Africa, we know it all, and this is what allows us to craft adventures based on what you want to experience


We're old pros.  With decades' worth of combined knowledge, your hosts know the ins-and-outs of routes, game parks and countries to ensure every moment is jam-packed with enjoyment.

Our philosophy

We don't want you just to see your destination, we want you to experience it.  Our only purpose is to have you connect with the awesome beauty of Africa, and to leave with a sense of awe