Whether you’re after 1 specific species or wanting to expand your lifer list we will make sure you are in the right habitat at the right time of year to fulfil your wish. Having a vast knowledge of bird species, their habitats and calls within Southern and East Africa.

As well as using local guides in specific areas as their knowledge is key in calling up and spotting localised endemics and rarities in certain areas.

With Southern Africa boasting over 950 species and East Africa having 1388 species situated in no less then 9 habitats you can’t go wrong booking a birding safari with us.


Having a passion for photography, with 15 years experience taking photos of wildlife and landscapes as well as videography. We pride ourselves in giving personalised knowledge on equipment, composition and techniques in taking excellent photographs. Let us place you in the perfect position with the right light behind you and giving you instructions on animal behaviour and camera settings to freeze that moment you have been waiting for. We provide beanbags, tripods and blinds (if need be) to save you on weight when bringing your equipment over to Africa                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             


The best way to truly experience all the aspects of nature- its smells, sights and sounds is on a walking safari. Step back in time to experience what our pioneers would have experienced when first exploring Southern Africa. Walking gives you the time and opportunity to spot all the smaller interesting things the African bush has to offer, which is quite often missed when doing a safari from a vehicle. Follow the game paths, spotting the tracks of the animals that have recently passed before you or feel the excitement of tracking a rhino through the bush hoping to have a big 5 encounter. Our guided walks are conducted by armed fully qualified trails guides having your safety as their number one priority.

A guide once said "a vehicle safari is like watching a film while walking in the bush is like reading a book" Its much more intermit and satisfactory.


Imagine the thrill of witnessing a lioness stalking its prey or the excitement of watching a herd of elephants swimming in the mighty Zambezi River.

Having a passion for wildlife and with 10 years’ experience guiding over Southern and East Africa we tailor make safari's to suit your interests, needs and budgets. If you are after seeing the big 5 (lion, leopard, buffalo, rhino and elephant) or would rather take it easy and sit for a few hours watching a waterhole to see what come down to drink, we will make sure that you are in the right reserve and place to give you the best African experience possible. Let us explain to you animal behaviour, ecology and how all the symbiotic relationships fit into each other.

With a choice of tailor made safaris, with unguided or experienced guides as well as group safaris for the budget minded or single traveller, they are created to bring out the best the reserves and countries have to offer